Sukabumi Police Arrest Teen Illegal Weapons

Sukabumi City Police badge with imagery of sharp weapons and a raid scene in the background.

Sukabumi City Police apprehend a teenager for illegal possession of sharp weapons, following a raid prompted by local disturbances and vandalism.

On January 3, the Gunungguruh Police Sector’s Criminal Investigation Unit of Sukabumi City Police identified an 18-year-old student from Cisaat District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java, as a suspect in the possession of illegal sharp weapons.

AKP Bagus Panuntun, the Chief of Criminal Investigation at Sukabumi City Police, announced in Sukabumi on Wednesday that the arrest, made on December 31, 2023, was a response to resident complaints about a group of teenagers who had attacked and vandalized Kampung Cipeundeuy, Mangkalaya Village, Gunungguruh District, Sukabumi Regency around 11:30 PM WIB.

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The Raid: Uncovering the Truth

Following an in-depth investigation, the Gunungguruh Police Sector Criminal Investigation Unit raided a hut in Gunungguruh District. This location, frequented by several teenagers for alcoholic beverage parties, became a hub of illegal activities. The raid led to the discovery of numerous items, including alcoholic drinks and sharp weapons.

Interrogation and Investigations: Ensuring Justice

The Gunungguruh Police Sector office brought in the majority of these teenagers, all minors, for interrogation. Following exhaustive questioning, one teenager was identified as a suspect in the illegal possession of sharp weapons case. Additionally, several other teenagers are now required to report regularly to the Gunungguruh Police Sector for ongoing monitoring to prevent similar incidents.

Alcohol-Fueled Parties and Weaponry: A Dangerous Mix

The arrests originated from reports of teenagers partying with alcoholic beverages and carrying sharp weapons. These gatherings, often characterized by alcohol and weaponry, raised alarms about potential plans for convoys and street brawls.

Community Concerns: Addressing Anarchic Behavior

The increasing anarchic behavior of teenagers and young adults has alarmed the Sukabumi community. A recent incident, where a resident’s Honda CRF motorcycle was vandalized, presumably by this group, highlights this issue. During the raid, suspects fled, leaving behind a Honda Beat and Honda Revo motorcycle.

Ongoing Efforts: A Commitment to Safety

The Sukabumi City Police continue to investigate, pursuing several other suspects linked to the vandalism. Authorities urge the community to promptly report any suspicious activities. This enables swift action to apprehend the culprits, thereby maintaining public safety and order.

A Step Towards Safer Communities

The decisive actions of the Sukabumi City Police in the Gunungguruh District case reflect a commitment to combating juvenile delinquency and ensuring community safety. By addressing the issue of illegal weapons among teenagers, the police are taking significant steps towards fostering a safer environment for all residents.

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