Kominfo’s Urgent Warning to X Twitter on Gambling Ads

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Dive into the details of Kominfo’s urgent warning to Twitter regarding the proliferation of gambling ads, emphasizing the gravity and implications of this issue in the digital space.

Continuing from the efforts mentioned, the Ministry of Kominfo has demonstrated a proactive and comprehensive approach in tackling the issue of online gambling. The ministry’s actions extend beyond just issuing warnings. The aggressive blocking of content across a variety of digital platforms signifies a robust stance against the proliferation of online gambling.

The blocked content spans a wide range of digital mediums. In terms of specific numbers, Kominfo disabled access to 596,348 sites and IPs, 173,134 contents on Meta platforms, 29,257 file-sharing platform accounts, 5,993 contents on Google and YouTube, 367 on Platform X, 170 on Telegram, 15 on TikTok, 8 on the App Store, and 1 on Snack Video. This extensive effort illustrates the ministry’s commitment to curb the spread of online gambling across diverse digital landscapes.

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Source liputan6.com : Teguran Keras Kominfo ke X Twitter: Minta Segera Hapus Iklan Judi Online di Platform

The collaboration with the OJK and other financial institutions to block more than 5,000 bank and e-wallet accounts indicates a multi-faceted approach. By targeting the financial aspects of online gambling, Kominfo aims to disrupt the financial incentives driving this illegal activity. This strategy is critical in ensuring that online gambling platforms are deprived of the necessary financial channels to operate.

Under Menkominfo Budi Arie Setiadi’s leadership, the Indonesian government’s extensive efforts to block online gambling content and collaborate with stakeholders highlight its commitment to public welfare and morality.

Kominfo’s decisive actions against online gambling send a clear message to digital platforms and content providers, establishing a precedent for future regulations and promoting a safer digital space in Indonesia.

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