FIA Ends Investigation into F1 Conflict of Interest Allegations

FIA Ends Investigation into F1 Conflict of Interest Allegations

FIA, motorsport’s governing body, has announced it is no longer investigating an alleged conflict of interest in Formula One involving Mercedes chief Toto Wolff and F1 Academy series head Susie Wolff. The FIA, referring to the married couple, stated on Thursday that F1’s compliance management system effectively prevents unauthorized information disclosure.

The FIA clarified that there is no active investigation regarding ethical or disciplinary inquiries involving any individuals. Before this announcement, all F1 teams except Mercedes had jointly stated they had not filed any complaint with the FIA about these conflict of interest allegations.

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Motorsport body drops probe into alleged conflict of interest within F1

F1 teams support the Academy by sponsoring entrants next season. Business F1 magazine reported unnamed principals alleging Toto Wolff accessed confidential information via his wife for personal gain.

Susie Wolff, responding to allegations on social media, stated she wasn’t directly contacted by the FIA. She voiced dismay at the process’s lack of transparency and the online abuse she faced. Susie Wolff affirmed her determination to uncover the origin of this campaign and hold those responsible accountable.

Toto Wolff, in a statement shared by Mercedes, revealed that they are in active legal discussions with the FIA. They are awaiting full disclosure on the proceedings and have reserved all legal rights. Earlier in the week, Mercedes had strongly refuted the conflict of interest allegations, defending the integrity and compliance of their Team Principal.

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